whatsapp 3d review ios

WhatsApp has finally added some much needed 3D Touch goodness for those using an Apple iPhone 6s. But for the rest of us who have not been privileged enough to own one this year, can still be happy about the new update since there are other improvements to the app and a new feature as well.

3D Touch is indeed the highlight of the recently launched Apple iPhone 6s. While some may think of it as a gimmick, it does help you get to sections within your favorite app with just with a single press (instead of navigating through the app with a number of clicks). Also, WhatsApp has finally added support for Peek and Pop feature into your chats.

And for those of you stuck with an older iPhone, WhatsApp does have something for you as well. You will have a revamped settings menu that gets a dash of color and looks similar to the settings menu of your iPhone.

You also get a rich preview of the links that you share or receive. Adding a link to the text field will show a pop-up giving you the option to add that rich preview (image, story title and link) or remove it before forwarding the same. One thing to note here is that the rich-previews for links are only visible on iOS devices for now.

Also added to the new WhatsApp update for iOS, is the ability to view all of your starred chats in one section. Accessing it however is a bit annoying as it is hidden in Settings> Starred Messages within the app.

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